Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sorry, you don't convince me Ambiga.

By now, you must have read about how BERSIH and its coalition partners in the opposition plans to do street demonstration in Kuala Lumpur with more than 100,000 "yellowish" people this coming saturday. They triumphantly claim to have a cause and come 9th July, the King must be told about it.

When asked to justify the illegal street demo, the supporters of the demonstration will immediately go into a predictable knee-jerk reaction. You will get instant lectures on the virtue of unbridled democratic rights and occasional snide look of you being ignorant of the truth.

They will tell you how the good-for-nothing SPR conspiring with the government to include dead people in the electoral roll. They get agitated when told that SPR is not to be blamed. How many of us take the trouble to report to SPR directly when our relative died? How is it that we waste no time to inform the bank, insurance company, police, EPF and even loan sharks but not SPR? The reality is we tend to put off reporting to SPR because it is a 5 year thing.
We hear people say, "What's the rush? The dead ain't gonna vote anyway". Little do people know that SPR is not allowed under the law to remove the names of dead people without official proof!

I met JPN officers yesterday. They confessed that the number of people, especially in the rural areas, who fail to report death in their family is a lot. With this kind of lackadaiscal attitude, I wonder why BERSIH blames SPR instead of the lazy and indifferent Malaysians.

The same thing with allegation of multiple persons registered under a single address. I suspect one of the reasons is that people use rented house addresses when they register to vote. Unfortunately, when they move out from their rented addresses, they fail to notify SPR. Subsequent tenants then use the same house address to register as voters. I remember when I moved into a rented condo in Kuala Lumpur in 1993. I kept receiving the previous tenant's letters including bank statements and government official letters until the day I moved out 3 years later just because he did not change his address with the relevant parties!

In the case of alleged phantom voters registered in the house of  YB Azmin Ali's mother, I find it rather amusing that of all the millions of houses in the country, SPR had to  pick the house belonging to the mother of the of loudest and most vocal  opposition leaders to plant phantom voters. Very funny indeed.

Another BERSIH's contentious issue is the postal votes. Firstly, the name postal vote is somewhat a misnomer. There is no such thing as postal vote for the police, armed forces and the civil servants who work as election officers during the poll. They do not mail out their votes through the postal system. All of them vote in advance, watched over closely by representatives from all contesting parties. Postal voters vote in private booths just like all of us normal voters. The popular belief, spun by the opposition, that their superiors will be looking over their shoulders to check who they vote for is a fallacy.  The representatives of the candidates will be there to ensure that does not happen. Unless of course, they fall asleep on the job!

Some leaders of BERSIH also want counting of the postal votes on the same day citing possiblities of tempering if counted later. It is not a practical idea because the result will influence the voting pattern during normal polling day. In any case, there have been instances where the opposition got more postal votes compared to BN. Case in point, Teluk Kemang by election in 2000. If BERSIH worries about the integrity of the postal bags while in the authority's custody, then they should request opposition representatives presence in the lock up where the bags are kept. I guess staring at the bags for 3 days non-stop is a small price to pay to ensure the sanctity of the heavily guarded, locked and sealed  postal votes bags.

It is true that most of the time postal votes tend to be in favour of the BN. But this is not surprising at all and can be easily explained. Why would they vote for a party that has been constantly demonising, humiliating, cursing and crticising them? They are also humans with feelings and dignity.

Bersih also wants armed forces personnel and police officers, who are not directly involved in the election, to vote through the normal process like civilians do. They say it is unneccesary for them to vote in advance. I disagree.

One of the most critical days for the nation, where it is at its most vulnerable to chaos and subversive elements, is on polling day where no effective civilian authority is in place. On polling day , the military and police forces are at their highest alert for any untoward incidence which could compromise the nation's security.

So for BERSIH to suggest that the military and police personnel abandon their posts - whether it is in the deep jungle of the interior, far flung islands, air and naval bases, remote border control check points and strategic command centres, is nothing short of being irresponsible! The readiness of our forces to ensure nation's security cannot be compromised at all.

Some may say that I am over exaggerating the potential security threat to the nation during polling day. Maybe. But if it does happen, I rather have our men in uniform to quickly scramble the Sukhois, the MiGs, the F18s and sail out the Frigates, Corvettes and the Subs to intercept enemies. It can only be done if they are at their bases not when they spend time queing in line to vote in Grik, Batang Berjuntai, Lubok Antu or Long Pasia!

Bersih also demand the postal votes to be extended to Malaysians who live away (domestically) from their voting constituency. For example a Sabahan who lives and works in Kuala Lumpur but registered as voter in Kota Belud, Sabah.

In my opinion, a person registered as a voter in Kota Belud but chooses to live and work in Kuala Lumpur has no business to determine who should be the local Wakil Rakyat for the people of Kota Belud! He should be voting for a Wakil Rakyat in Kuala Lumpur who is in a better postion to address issues affecting his life there! It will not be fair to the local residents of Kota Belud if an "outsider" living in Kuala Lumpur is trying to force his choice of candidate to them when it is them who have to deal with the Wakil Rakyat on a daily basis.

By the way, isn't asking more people to be under postal vote system somehow contradicts BERSIH's earlier allegation that postal vote system is riddled with procedural problems which lead to suspicion of fraud?

On the use of indelible ink, SPR has explained in great details about its concern on its usage. My personal concern on use of indelible ink is related to the legalities.

Does SPR have the power, under the current Elections Act 1958, to deny a person whose finger has been inked from voting, but who now claims his finger was inked forcibly? What happens if that person insists to vote by citing his rights under the constitution, finger inked or not? Will we see chaotic scenes at the polling centres?

These are simple questions but with great consequences if not clearly defined. That is why, instead of street demonstation, BERSIH should propose amendments to the Elections Act in Parliament! Even if a million yellows turn up for the street demonstration, the demand cannot be fulfilled without amending the Elections Act to make it more specific and clearer.

The same goes to automatic registration of voters. It is no better than the current all year round open-registration excercise. It also requires the Election Act to be amended to incorporate the provision. Anyway, when a person decides not to register as voter, isn't he merely exercising his democratic right? Why is BERSIH denying him of his right not to register when BERSIH is coming to town to champion the people's democratic rights?

I have no problem with BERSIH's demand that campaign period to be atleast 21 days. But what I find odd is BERSIH failure to see that the opposition is enjoying a 365 days, 24/7, nation-wide-non-stop campaign blitz since 2008.

As for the claim of vote buying during election,  I hope Ambiga realizes that the  guys marching next to her on the 9th of July are quite experts in it. Everyone knows that in the midst of the Hulu Selangor by election in April last year, Anwar Ibrahim promised 100,000 land titles to poor homeowners in the constituency (Source: The Malaysian Insider, 13 April 2010). This was followed quickly by Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's announcement to abolish quit-rents for shop houses in Hulu Selangor (Source: New Straits Times, 20 April 2010) as well as presenting bonuses amounting to RM6116,000 to all village chiefs and Jawatankuasa Keselamatan dan Kemajuan Kampung (JKKK) in Hulu Selangor (Source: SelangorKini Online, 21 April 2010).

And I hope Ambiga will not forget the ultimate mother of all vote buying act: Nik Aziz's campaign promise of heaven if you vote for PAS!

With all these brouhaha about allegation of election irregularities in Malaysia , I wonder how other countries are doing. Do other countries around the world face issues and allegations of electoral irregulartities? Is the problem unique to Malaysia?

Going through the internet, I found out that in October last year, the Registrar Of Electors in New Zealand removed from its electoral roll 306 names of people who did not reside at the addresses on their enrolment forms. In Auckland, the ROE were investigating 90 voters who had been enrolled as living in two houses in Pembroke St and Puhinui Rd.

In Venezuela, the National Electoral Council was informed of doubtful existence of 39,000 voters whose age were 100 years and above. In Spain, The Electoral Census Bureau received complaints on discrepancies on the so-called ‘padrons’ of 22 towns in Malaga and a further 16 in Granada.

And in the United States of America, complaints were lodged on voters disenfranchisement when Republican Party was allegedly purging African-Americans names from voters' lists in the 2004 Presidential election in favour of George Bush. And of course who could forget when US Commission on Civil Rights declared that election process in Florida, during the US Presidential Election 2000, was riddled with serious irregularities.

Two interesting points can be deduced from the above stories. Firstly, statistically speaking, just like any massive databases, electoral rolls will not be 100% error free even when Anwar Ibrahim is the Prime Minister. It is not statistically possible. There is always what statisticians refer to as allowable sampling error which in no way affects the integrity of the whole list. Secondly, in instances above, the complainants lodge reports to their respective election authorities and allow investigations to be conducted. They do not resort to massive street demonstrations.

My last point in this article is a question that I would like to pose to the KLites. Are you ready for frequent street demonstrations in the heart of Kuala Lumpur? Are you ready for the inconveniences? I am afraid that will be the norm if BERSIH is allowed to start. You cannot allow BERSIH and deny others from marching down the Bukit Bintang road every weekend for a cause they believe in. You risk being called hypocrites.


  1. Sorry your argument for not donning your yellow t shirt do not convince me at all. Then SPR is incompetent. One example ,i asked for a transfer online from one DUN to another, after 6 months they have not ungraded my request.
    Therefore BERSIH is needed NOW.

  2. he3.. amat jelas dan tepat.. syabas dato'...

  3. Fact: 2008 GE BN with only 52% of votes secured 62% of seats. Election is fair? What a load of hogwash.

  4. rakyat atas pagar6:57 PM, July 03, 2011

    sorry Reezal Merican also don't convince me as well.

  5. Have the opposition parties done their analysis? if not for postal votes, could they have gotten more than 2/3 of the seats in 2008 general election/

  6. "Kalau pilihanraya boleh mengubah sesuatu, dah lama pilihanraya diharamkan"

  7. What about the demand for free and fair access to media? Can u comment on that please? Tq

  8. clever excuse. still leaves inefficiencies for foxes to exploit. Next GE, get locals to check every bus that brings outside voters ok?

  9. Well said, datok....
    Nyata sekali perhimpunan haram ni bukan lah untuk tuntutan2 buat spr tapi ada tujuan2 lain yang tersembunyi...

  10. You are being blatantly racist. Some may not notice it but the way you mention yellowish and yellow implies something. You might as well say "pendatang's".

  11. senang je nak patahkan, boleh baca sini

  12. Sorry, you have completely missed the point of BERSIH. For example, on the point of vote buying in Hulu Selangor, yep, we all agree that was a BAD act, so we all don't want v...ote buying practices in Malaysia, whether it's from BN or PR, and hence BERSIH movement, this further shows that BERSIH has gone beyond political parties alignments, and want a fundamental CHANGE in Malaysian voting system, NOT against BN or PR or EC. BERSIH just represents the rakyat to protect our voting RIGHTS!

    From your article, it's not hard to see that the inherent repeated flaw in your weak argument is that: BN does vote buying, PR does vote buying, therefore vote buying is not wrong. Phantom voters in PR MP mother's house, therefore it's not true. Other countries have obscurely small amount of electoral irregularities, therefore Malaysia should not care about how to fix this electoral irregularities. Malaysians are 'lazy and indifferent' therefore dead voters or phantom voters are acceptable and etc.


    Go sort out your twisted logic, don't try to present all the mundane facts and try to make them look relevant!

  13. Thank you. Hope you don't mind using your words to 'argue' with some people that are still ignorant. thanks again.

  14. Sorry, YB, your arguments miss the point,imho. Not possible la that 88 people have rented that place! SPR, kalau nak atau ada niat, memang pandai amend Election Act. They amended to make electoral roll indisputable once gazetted. So, kalau SPR dan YB ikhlas nak memperbaiki sistem pengundian, haruslah cari penyelesaian kepada perkara-perkara yang dibangkitkan. Saya rasa keikhlasan tu yang menjadi persoalan besar. CPI has written an excellent piece. To all, please see article in link below. Finally, I hope the moderator will allow this comment. Then, I'd say you have sincerity.

  15. Sorry, you don't convince me and I think you are just confusing people, YB. 88 voters share on address - how can they all have rented the same place? EC don't have right under Election Act to use indelible ink. Aiyo, amend act saja la. EC pandai-pandai amend act when it suits them. Contoh, they amended the act to make electoral rolls indisputable once gazetted. Postal votes - maybe your sources cakap bohong but I have friends in the Armed Forces and they said they voted with the superior standing in front of them. Also, no reps are present - that is false. Sincerity is the most important. If EC, BN and YB are sincere, take the 8 tuntutan and carilah penyelesaian yang baik. All the cakap in the world cannot change the fact that EC, BN and YB are not willing to support the tuntutan of Bersih 2.0. Finally, here's an excellent article supporting electoral reform:
    I hope you will show your sincerity by posting this comment. Thank you.

  16. Lie, Spin, Twist, Make Excuse, Hiding Facts any way you want. For you being one of the UMNO, I don't believe you!


  17. Well Dato, will you honestly declare all of your assets & incomes like what the Selangor govt did..? Prove to us that you're a clean politician..

  18. Hidup Melayu!

    Kami setuju tanpa ragu-ragu bahawa kedudukan, martabat dan maruah orang Melayu kini kian terancam.

    Rakyat Melayu marhaen berada dalam posisi yang membimbangkan kerana semakin tertindas dan terpinggir dari segi ekonomi dan politik. Namun, soalnya, siapa yang menindas dan meminggirkan umat Melayu?

    Orang Cina? Kaum-kaum 'pendatang' lain yang sudah terlalu lama menjadi setinggan di Tanah Melayu?

    Parti Cinakah yang memimpin Malaysia semenjak Merdeka lima puluh tahun lalu sehingga sekarang? Apakah orang 'pendatang' yang menjawat jawatan tertinggi dari hari pertama Malaysia merdeka?

    Kesusahan yang dihadapi oleh orang Melayu sekarang sebenarnya kesusahan yang dihadapi setiap rakyat Malaysia pada saat gentar ini - ekonomi negara yang meleset, harga barang yang melambung, ketidakpedulian kerajaan dan pihak-pihak berkuasa terhadap cabaran yang dihadapi mereka setiap hari.

    Punca masalah-masalah ini bukanlah perbezaan warna kulit atau agama; puncanya adalah pemimpin-pemimpin yang sanggup menggadai maruah rakyat dan bangsa untuk memperkayakan diri sendiri.

    Setelah lima puluh tahun berleluasa tanpa kawalan, pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO telah mengabaikan cita-cita murni pejuang-pejuang kemerdekaan kita untuk membina Malaysia yang aman dan makmur untuk semua.

    Polemik kaum

    Tangan di depan menghunus keris kononnya untuk mempertahankan hak-hak Melayu, tangan di belakang merompak tanah Melayu, merompak saham Melayu, merompak sara hidup Melayu.

    Budaya rasuah kini meracuni setiap lapis pimpinan parti yang ditubuhkan untuk mengharumi masa depan bangsa sehingga laungan sahaja berbunyi "Melayu!" tetapi hati berbisik "Saya dahulu!"

    Sejarah dunia menyaksikan polemik kaum disalahgunakan pelbagai pihak - mahupun di Bosnia, Rwanda dan sebagainya - untuk mengutarakan nafsu politik yang rakus.

    Api perkauman dinyalakan demi menghasut rakyat jelata antara satu sama lain; namun amat mudah untuk menjadikan orang yang berlainan warna kulit punca kesengsaraan satu bangsa.

    Sebagai generasi baru Malaysia, kita perlu sedar kepada kebenaran dan menembusi ilusi yang dicipta oleh golongan yang berkepentingan.

    Kesedaran ini boleh dikatakan susah untuk rakyat Malaysia, yang telah sekian lama diajar oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional untuk melihat setiap masalah sosial dan isu politik dari sudut perkauman.

    Buktinya jelas; UMNO sendiri mengakui bahawa tiga puluh tahun selepas perlaksanaan Dasar Ekonomi Baru, sasaran-sasaran untuk pembangunan taraf ekonomi Melayu masih gagal dicapai.

    Hidup mewah

    Adakah ini kerana orang Melayu sebenarnya malas manakala kaum-kaum lain rajin? Penjelasan ini tidak munasabah.

    Dengan jumlah penyelewengan sehingga berbilion-bilion ringgit oleh ahli-ahli politik Barisan Nasional, tidak hairan Dasar Ekonomi Baru gagal sama sekali. Dasar yang diasaskan dengan matlamat membangunkan rakyat Melayu marhaen diselewengkan sehingga hanya kelompok kecil sahaja yang memperoleh keuntungan dari dasar-dasar tersebut.

    Sehingga hari ini, mustahil ternampak seorang pemimpin tinggi UMNO yang tidak hidup mewah dengan mahligai dan kereta-kereta besar.

    Jelas, nasib Melayu tidak semestinya terbela oleh parti-parti politik yang bertopengkan nama Melayu sahaja, tetapi oleh pemimpin-pemimpin tanpa mengira kaum yang jujur dan berwibawa. Maruah bangsa Melayu hanya dapat dijamin apabila parti yang terbukti gagal mengangkat martabat bangsa diganti dengan saf pimpinan yang baru.

    Sedihnya, golongan politik yang telah mengekalkan sistem ini yang bankrap moralnya kini enggan melepaskan kuasa dan menerima pilihan rakyat.

    Mereka berdegil dengan memainkan politik perkauman yang telah jelas ditolak oleh rakyat dalam PRU ke-12. Orang Melayu tidak takut untuk mengundi DAP dan orang bukan Islam tidak takut untuk mengundi PAS.

    Di bawah pimpinan UMNO orang Melayu akan terperangkap dan tidak mungkin maju dan berdikari. Parti-parti yang berulang-ulang terbukti gagal menjaga kedudukan orang Melayu di mata dunia harus diganti sebelum terlambat.

  19. Could you respond to these analysis:


    For you who made this comment this just shows your true color, quick to make accusations without providing any semblance of evidence. And the no nama who is too paranoid about the color yellow, just go have your brain checked out. For those of you who missed the points presented by this MP, you are trying to be smart but heck no, you are not!! The main thing here is why should Ambiga go to the street when she already had an audience with the King, just hand over the memorandum then, but did she do it? no, the demo or whatever you want to call it must happen for some reasons only known to her and to the person who had earlier said that he would ask Ambiga to cancel if ....

  21. "lazy and indifferent Malaysians" you may call the Rakyat whatever you wantin your fancy language Abdul Rahman, but before you point your fingers to others, make sure your hands are clean.
    As for the demos every weekend, kalau tak pernah turun padang, please don't comment on siapa yang buat chaos.
    We do not need another elitist and fine talking MP, Abdul Rahman..I challenge you to be different, and make a difference.

  22. FROm now and ON whatever political arguments whether got points or not, weak or strong, I am not easy to believe and to bow, both the opposition and gov parties has their agendas to twist people's mind in order to gain power and support.. BUT I STRONGLY SUPPORT IF THERE ANY REGIME CHANGED IN THE NEAR G.ELECTION JUST LIKE IN MIDDLE EAST !


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