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My early ramblings on aftermath of 9th July...

Bersih wanted to street demo. Police said cannot . Bersih insisted. Police again said no. Bersih went ahead. Police asked them to disperse. Bersih refused. Police acted. Tear gas, water cannon and arrests ensued. Dejavu Bersih 1.0 of 2007? Hmmm... I don't think so. 
Bersih 2.0 is not Bersih 1.0. Thanks to the internet, now more people are aware of their hidden agenda. More people could read counter arguments from the government side.

When I read my twitter timeline and facebook wall, I could see that pro-government supporters were as spirited and boisterous as the anti-government supporters. Clearly, without a doubt, the Yellows did not dominate the cyberspace at all. Let alone claiming to have majority of rakyat’s support. 

You don’t agree? Proof you say? Well beside the much smaller crowds at today’s illegal street demonstration, one can easily deduce that by looking at the low numbers of likes, followers, downloads and members of Bersih’s pages, Twitter, Pic Badges and Facebook. In fact, more people registered their support with the movement against 100 storey Menara Warisan than Bersih’s sensational call for clean and fair election. Is something the matter? Weird isnt it? Read the revelation here. 
I am not a fan of Bersih. I guess that is given. But if I were Bersih:  

I would not abandon talks with the Election Commission. I would have more meetings with them to discuss further my demands than just that one meeting Bersih attended;
I would not allow the opposition to hijack my cause. No joint press conferences, no pictures taken together,  no chanting of “Reformasi”;

I would have taken the offer by the Menteri Besar Selangor to use Stadium Shah Alam instead of the Stadium Merdeka. Read my blog here for my thoughts on this;

I would have postponed the 9th July street demonstration and negotiated with government on proper venue and the Dos and Don’ts. What is the rush? It’s not like General Election going to be held next week;

I would not heighten police’s sense of concern for possible security problems by boasting 300,000 people would swarm Kuala Lumpur to protest when a smaller crowd would have the same impact unless if it was meant for show off!;

I would not use “Demand for fair and clean election” slogan. It was too provocative and insinuating the government you wanted to talk to as being illegitimate. How do you want to deal with someone who calls you a "bastard" and expect pleasantry and politeness?  A slogan like “demand for election reforms” would have been better.
By the way, I am confused.

Is Bersih’s objective to call for clean and fair election or is it to prove their democratic right to assemble under the constitution, in particular the much quoted, Article 10?
If it was the former, then Bersih could have just handed over the memorandum to the King when His Majesty granted audience to Bersih early this week. 
If it was the later, then Bersih should read Article 10 of the constitution in its entirety. Do not just partially quote Article 10, in particular clause (1)(b) by saying, “All citizens have the right to assemble peacefully and without arms”.
Please let the rakyat know of the clause (2)(b) of the same Article 10, which says that, “Parliament may by law, impose, on the right conferred by paragraph (b) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, or public order.”
Talk about deliberate misquote and mislead! Read further here.
And do you know what happened to the detainees after they were arrested today? Tortured? Interrogated? Beaten?
No! They were treated nicely and even offered hot meals by the police. Go read here. I am happy to note that the police now knows what public relation is all about. Great!

To Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, I am sorry to hear that you got hurt. But I hate to say this to you, "I told you so!".
All in all, Bersih street demonstration today failed to excite the masses as it did in 2007, except for some die-hard supporters of Pakatan Rakyat.

Back then, Malaysians thought they could not win at all because they were told that elections were rigged by SPR and BN! So they poured into Kuala Lumpur streets to vent their anger and frustration.
Now 4 years later, Malaysians realize that Bersih and the opposition could and did win on “tainted” electoral roll. It had won several states and denied BN of its precious 2/3 majority! What else is there to prove?
But then, I could hear the opposition gleefully say: 

“ Kalau pilihanraya 2008 dulu bersih dan adil, BN tentu kalah habis!”.

Well, to that I say:

“Kalau PR tak semborono menghasut,memaki, mencemuh, memfitnah dan menuduh, BN tentu akan sapu habis!”.

Terima kasih Polis DiRaja Malaysia. Anda semua adalah hero saya. You are the clear winner today.

Additional notes (845pm):

If there is anything to be learnt by the government form this is its failure to disseminate information. SPR has not been really effective in its effort to counter specific allegations hurled at it. 

I have seen how Tan Sri Aziz, Chairman of SPR answered many questions but unfortunately most of SPR's explanantions are scattered everywhere in the interenet. Susah nak cari. Susah nak kumpul maklumat. SPR should have a good spokesman who can answer specific allegation and all answers are posted in its website. 

For that the governement is paying the price.


  1. I don't agree with most of what you wrote but at least you have articulated it well. That's what most Malaysian want dialogue an reason.


  2. @mpkotabelud,

    I guess you are one of the smart ones in Umno. I'd like to share a couple of my thoughts after reading your blog post:

    (1) Yes our underpaid, abang polis are certainly the country's heroes when they are put to use in combating and solving crime cases, not to waste time at events where participants do not necessarily agree with the government. But you probably knew better that they wouldn't do this on their own. Hishamuddin (where's this pondan today?) has been issuing threats alongside the Chief Police like some samseng since day one.

    (2) All of the scary and intimidation tactics are so lame. Please lah, the molotov cocktail, weapons cache discovered and bersih t-shirts? You're really insulting your constituency in Kota Belud if you expect them to buy that piece of (drama) crap.

    (3) Much smaller crowd? I guess if you closed all roads leading to KL, didn't close LRT stations, police (and Hishamuddin) issuing threats and intimidating to those who intend to participate peacefully, use all of the government machinery to spread propaganda with racist tones, the crowd would certainly be bigger my brother. You chickened out. And please lah, TV3 reporting the size of the crowd is like 6k, that is probably police in uniforms, FRU and the ball-less plain clothes police who dare to attack innocent people.

    (4) I'd love to see some real opportunity to have dialogue with SPR or even the government. But you know and I know that you don't mean what you say. How many MyKAD/IC has been issued to aliens in Sabah everytime GE is around the corner wahai pengkhianat bangsa?

  3. Garbage in Garbage out ... nothing much....thrash.

  4. Anon 1:19am

    You seem to believe that Demo is the only way out. No need to talk because the government is evil. Well, by talking to SPR, Ambiga and Bersih's 17 demands have gone down to 8 only. The rest Bersih dropped. Why? Because they talked to SPR.

    When SPR said they meet again after Sarawak Elections, Ambiga was too arrogant to agree. She instead went ahead with planned illegal rally.

    Talk is still the best way.


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