Friday, May 21, 2010

Request to Daily Epress Chief Editor, James Sarda, for correction to be made by Daily Express regarding: MyKad issue.

Dear James,

Your paper's article on my press conference on the issue of Islam status on MyKads was very misleading and non-factual reporting. At no point did I mention in my press conference (PC) urging people not to go to opposition to air their grouses on MyKad.

All other newspapers which covered my PC had correctly reported that infact I welcomed opposition effort in solving problems of the rakyat. I was very very careful about this point because I didn't want to be seen as criticising the opposition for taking up this issue (my criticism was more on Christina Liew's statement which was confusing and not helping explaining the issue to the rakyat.

Infact in the PC, I said it several times to emphasie that I had no problem if rakyat went to pembangkang to complain about any issue. Thus, I was taken aback by the sheer mistake especially when your paper could have read my comments in the other papers since they reported it earlier than your paper.

Please do a correction as the mistake was too glaring and not the basis of my argument - MP Kota Belud.
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  1. as a information provider for public, all the owners of newspapers should be concerned with the validity and honesty in providing information. avoid misleading and be careful especially when quoting someone speech.

  2. yalah isu mykad yang dikaitkan dengan isu agama memang mudah disalahfaham. lain kali kenalah berhati-hati dalam mengeluarkan kenyataan agar tidak disalah faham oleh pembaca. apalagi yang menulis itu ialah media...yang kadangkala diolah dan dicantikkan lagi untuk menambah garam dan gula supaya cukup perisa supaya cerita lebih sensasi!

  3. standard la tu.. dunia politik.. suka pusing2 serita..

  4. They should really make a correction to this. Bloody people making mistakes for others and won't change it...

  5. huhuhu, saya takda baca oo, artikel ni.. hhmmm kesian lah reporter yang tulis tu oo.. entah apa juga yang dia dgr time PC.

  6. nasib baik MPkotabelud ada blog utk counter balik...5 tahun lepas siapa sangka ttg blog sebagai media alternatif pengganti newspaper skrg :)

  7. Nasib baik diterangkan di blog ini.


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