Friday, March 26, 2010

DAP Alternative Budget 2010

The DAP Alternative Budget 2010 is an atempt by DAP to provide an alternative budget to the government's anual budget. The 103 page document is the cornerstone of DAP's vision as a government.

Some of my concerns after reading the document:

How come it is DAP's budget instead of Pakatan Rakyat's? Did DAP ask inputs from PKR and PAS when coming up with the budget? Shouldnt be Pakatan Rakyat's and not DAP's?

DAP wants to reduce the size of Civil Service this year. Why? By reducing the size of civil service this year, knowing this year is going to be a tough year economically, will only put more people unemployed in these trying years.

The budget also proposes an increase of 3% the employer's EPF contribution from 12% to 15%. Will this not increase the burden on employers? I sense a little hypocrisy here. DAP objected to GST because chief among the reasons cited by DAP is it will burden the employers with more costs. It even supported the call made by Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) who are not so keen on GST as well because they claim it will increase the costs to them.

I wonder what MEF will comment about this. The additional EPF contribution will burden employers more. So, the question that beg to be answered is "why DAP is so against GST and yet behind close door they plan to increase the costs to the employers?".

Why are there no provisions on Islamic schools when DAP promises 60 new chinese schools and 15 new Tamil schools? Infact DAP promises 134 new chinese schools in the years to come!

Specific references to the development of the Malays and bumiputeras are glaringly missing and I think these ommissions are quite significant given the fact the Malays and bumiputeras  make up most of the population and that they are economically disadvantaged.

Overall, the budget was an attempt by DAP and a good read although I am not too sure how they will raise the funds especially when they have been known against new taxes.


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