Saturday, December 06, 2008

Rowdy Debates in Parliament - Misconception

Lately, a lot of people are complaining about the antics of some parliamentarians who are accused of being uncouth, uncivilised and down right abusive in their speeches during debates in parliament. Although their views on the quality of parliamentary debate are respected, I must correct some misconceptions that these people may have with regard to debates in the parliament.

I am sure most people judge the quality of debates based on the 30 minutes live TV telecast every morning where MPs from both sides of the aisle try to outdo each other in getting maximum media coverage. Thats fine with me but it must be told that parliament sits 6 hours a day (10am to 1pm and 230pm to 530pm) and at times like today extended to 11pm.

Although I agree that name callings and derogatory remarks have no place in the august hall, I must say that any debates, no matter how spirited and rowdy, are important and necessary part of a robust democracy provided of course they dont veered into seditious territory.Even in UK, debates are sometimes as 'naughty' and provocative if not more.

I remember watching debates in the House of Commons when David Cameron, leader of the opposition in British parliament making fun and mocking Prime Minister Gordon Brown's physical disability (Brown has a glass eye due to injury sustained in a rugby match), to the delights and cheers of the opposition Conservative Party's MPs. This has become quite common during the PM Question time in British Parliament!

Before anyone gets a wrong idea that I propagate such ideas, please remember that the seemingly childish behaviour of some MPs is certainly in the minority. Perhaps it takes less than 1% of the total debate time. Most times, debates are conducted with utmost decorum and civility.

Infact, sometimes one wonders how MPs can stand the monotonous delivery of numbing statistics and points made in long and dry speeches by 222 MPs every day for a good half of the year.

Try talking to a random visitor in the public gallery and ask him about his experience watching the debates, chances are he would tell you how surprised he was that it was basically eventless and boring!

Infact I would not be surprised if he was actually showing a hint of dissapointment that there were no clash of words, no name callings, no circus antics and rowdiness from the MPs that he could relate to his friends and families back home.




  1. Pada 17 Januari 2009, pengundi di Kuala Terengganu akan mengundi dalam pilihanraya kecil.

    Isu 1: BN menang dalam pilihanraya 8 Mac lalu dengan 628 undi. Itu pun disebabkan oleh ketokohan calon, Dato' Razali Ismail.

    Isu2: Daripada 4 DUN di parlimen Kuala Terengganu, BN tewas di tiga DUN & menang 1 saja di DUN Bandar (pengundi Cina ramai di DUN Bandar).

    Isu 3: Pembangkang (DAP khususnya) dan parti komponen Cina dari BN (MCA dan Gerakan) tentu akan menggunakan isu kenyataan Mukhriz untuk "mengajar" pemimpin UMNO. Kita dapat melihat tren ini dalam PRU12 dan pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh baru2 ini.

    Isu 4: Kalau BN kalah di Kuala Terengganu atau menang terlalu kecil di sana, ini menunjukkan pengundi Cina terus menjauhkan diri dari UMNO. Dalam PRU13 nanti, apa yang akan berlaku ialah pertandingan antara UMNO and the rest of the people. MCA dan Gerakan akan diassociate dengan UMNO, for their own survival.

    Isu 5: Apakah manfaat kenyataan Mukriz selain mempopularkan dirinya tetapi pada masa yang sama merugikan BN / UMNO; sekaligus menjadikan UMNO "parti pariah" yang disisihkan oleh semua orang? His statement won't change anything! It does more harm than good.

    Isu 6: Adakah pemimpin UMNO merasakan mereka terlalu cerdik sehingga hilang segala kebijaksanaan dalam bercakap dan bertindak?

    Marilah kita sama2 berfikir.

  2. Mukriz punyai idealisma untuk memimpin pemuda . Pemimpin harus berani mengeluarkan pandangan harus berani artikulasi issue issue panas tidak perlu main selamat dan defensif .lihat sahaja issue ketuanan melayu yg dipersoalkan olih orang orang bukan melayu apa jadi kepada pemimpin Umno mereka menjadi defensif dan tidak bijak artikulasi issue tersebut dlm banyak hal tidak paham subject yg diperkatakan .
    Pilihan Raya K Terengganu pemilihan calun amat penting rakyat yg memilih tokoh tempatan yg bolih diterima ianya bukan pemilihan UMNO bhg K Terengganu
    faktor penggundi melayu atau china
    tidak penting yg penting calun yg diletakkan dapat diterima olih penggundi pengundi.

  3. You can't blame Mukhriz for expressing his personal views especially on racial issue. This's the problem in UMNO where dissenting views is not welcome. Pls read my blog on Dato' Zaid. I don't agree with him most of the times, but by sacking him just because he got different views is definitely not healthy. You should keep your friend close, but your enemy closer.

    On the issue of our YBs in Parliament, either pro Government or opposition, im of the opinion that you guys can do better. If the Yb is only interested in participating in the issue that offer policitcal mileage, then the result is what you are seeing in parliament nowadays. Please read also my comment on Sdr Ikhmal's blog.

  4. YB Dato, tq for reading my thots on Sdr A. Ikhmal's blog. I posted my response, please read if you got times. All the best..


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