Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ambiga is Ambiguous

In its website, Bar Council President wrote: The Bar Council refers to the statement by UMNO Youth’s Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan reported at page 4 of the Star dated 8 September 2008 in relation to the issue of “cross-overs”.

The Bar never participates in party politics nor in partisan politics. Thus, the Bar has deliberately declined to comment on the political issues facing the nation. Nonetheless, the public goading by the Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan and queries by the Press have necessitated a response. Hence, this comment is strictly limited to the legal issues raised by the subject of political cross-overs.

Cross-overs are not new in Malaysia. The law of the land in relation to “cross-overs” has long been settled in the case of Dewan Undangan Negeri Kelantan & Anor v Nordin Salleh & Anor decided in 1992 by a 5-member panel of the Supreme Court, our highest Court. The Court struck down provisions of the Constitution of the State of Kelantan that sought to prevent such cross-overs on the basis that it offended the fundamental right to freedom of association enshrined in Artcle 10 (1) (c) of the Federal Constitution.

In the case of Nordin Salleh, the plaintiffs were elected to the Kelantan State Assembly during the 1990 General Elections on the PAS ticket. The plaintiffs subsequently resigned their memberships in PAS, and joined the Barisan Nasional. The Supreme Court decision upheld the constitutional right of the Plaintiffs to “cross-over” to Barisan National and held that the right to freedom of association under the Federal Constitution includes the right to disassociate. Similar situations have arisen in the State of Sabah in 1994 when members of the Sabah State Assembly from the PBS crossed over to Barisan Nasional thereby reversing the original majority in favour of the PBS to the Barisan Nasional.

As it stands therefore there is no legal impediment to “cross-overs” by members of political parties.

Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan
Malaysian Bar
9 September 2008

My dear Dato Ambiga,

Thank you for replying to my comments in the Star. I think you have missed the point altogether. I didnt question the legality of crossovers. I know it is within the confines of the law of the land.

My question was why Bar Council which pride itself to be the defender of human rights, democracy and freedom, failed to condemn Anwar's undemocratic moves to topple a legitimately chosen government. My question was on moral ground not legal.

It disturbs me that Bar Council would expeditiously issue 'moral' statements against alleged Government's trample on human rights, freedom and democracy but failed miserably when it comes to putting opposition parties under their very same standards of scrutiny.

It looks and sounds like sheer hypocrisy. Bar Council and Dato Ambiga pretend of having virtuous and moral principles, when they clearly do not really possess.

Instead of lecturing us on legal aspect of the issue, I urge Dato Ambiga to be not ambiguous in her response.



  1. DARD!!!,

    I agree with you.. Ambiga is not honest in fighting her so called "HUMAN RIGHT" and blah blah blah..

    Dato', you should bring your letter to the main stream media and have a forum and debate on this matter with D Ambiga sounds like a ***** .

    Biasa lah!!! depa fighting human right and blah blah for their idol only!!!! BIAS!!!

  2. abdul rahman sulaiman khan9:02 AM, September 11, 2008

    Saya setuju bahawa menukar kerajaan melalui penghijrahan ADUN atau MP adalah tidak bermoral dan mencabul prinsip demokrasi yang sebenar. Tidak Anwar denga pelan 16 September adalah adalah sesuatu yang perlu ditentang dan tidak sihat untuk negara..Berlaku pada 1994, apabila kerajaan PBS diganti dengan kerajaan UMNO BN melalui peristiwa lompat, Datuk dan Keris Boy bersetuju bhawa ini adalah sesuatu yang tidak bermoral? Tidak kira siapa mastermindnya, sekarang adalah masa yang sesuai untuk UMNo dan Bn untuk meminta maaf kepada rakyat Sabah berkenaan peristiwa ini..Bukan mengungkit cerita lama tetapi bila kita sedar perkara ini salah, tidak hina untuk kita meminta maaf, inilah salah satu kemurnian dalam Islam..Jika UMNO dan Bn sanggup mengakui kesilapannya insyaAllah rakyat dan Melayu akan kembali kepada UMNO.

  3. Salam Dato,

    Do not waste your time on Bar Council. Evidently they are becoming a political movement these days. Giving comments on current issue on the pretext of 'in the eyes of the law 'crap. Ambiga shouldn't be given a Datukship as I personally think that she is useless in every sense. As you know, most of their council members are supporters of the 'soon to be' PM ..Fighters of human rights my ASS ...


  4. camne nak condemn, dia kan duk sokong nuar aljubori (pinjam kata2 mat sabu) tu...

  5. I'm disgusted on the so called 'moral' propagated by MP KB. If U are of high moral why didnt you tell the whole of Msia how you won your seat? How much money that you poured to buy votes;Was it morally right to disbursed money to the aged and the poor few days before casting their votes. The case cited by Dato Ambiga no doubt was on legal parlane but U did get it right bro. What Dato' Ambiga was implying, legally it was unquestionable BUT morally it WAS NEVER disputed by UMNO/BN. So what moral U are talking about? UMNO/BN moral or plain human decency?

  6. Why should Dato' Ambiga comments on the issue on morality when the person who asked her had no inkling at all about MORAL. He could have mistaken the meaning with MURAL. Now U want to question abt MORAL when BN/UMNO is sinking but tightlipped what BN/UMNO did to Kelantan & Sabah. By the way, U dont have the locus to comment on legality coz U tried to mix it up with Ur interpretation on MORALITY!Just try to experience how would U survive as an opposition MP then U will be a good human. He he he

    Dato, first and foremost selamat berpuasa and may Allah bless you and your family always.
    Initially my friend try to refrain me from giving statements pertaining to issue involving the Bar Council. According to him, any things I said could be taken against me. In this case, there could be more to it than just read between the lines , he said.
    stubborn enough I told him that we are not in court but in a blog . As it is, a platform where the law of the jungle is most of the time applied.
    Actually I was curious when I read through Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan(DAS) the President Malaysian Bar comments in relating to the legal interpretation of word “cross-over’. Her legitimated comments relating to the issue , like DARD mentioned earlier, is ambiguous and complicating to me too.
    I wish she could translate it better into a simple English. To me DAS laid her point in form of law journal or tribunal papers. Not easy for lay man like me to understand better.
    Nothing personal and not trying to be little anybody, sometimes it rather confusing to understand the concept that the Bar Councilors stand. Proud to call themselves “ The defender of human rights, democracy and freedom”. While on several occasion ,they contradicted their own basic principle.
    They sometimes do the wrong thing for doing for the sake of the right things. Accordingly, “Everyone is innocence until proven guilty” . Or, “ Even though your are guilty, you are still innocence if there is not enough evidence to convict you”.
    I presumed , everybody have right to believe what they think is right. Otherwise business will go on as usual.
    I thought political issue should be addressed and resolved politically. For DARD case, it is a political.
    Pertaining to the core issue “ the act of cross over”, it looked as if it had been transformed into culture. Something that is beyond legal and moral literature . A culture that has no string attached. No ethic.
    As such, if anyone want to cross over by no mean anybody has the legal right to stop him. So I guess, in future, in order to stop YBs from crossing over, an ‘anti-hip hop ‘ formula must be adapt politically .
    Otherwise this blessing in disguise gesture will turn into a nightmare. At last but not least No one is the winner.

  8. Ambiaga dan Bar Councilnya baru-baru ini nak menggunakan lawnya untuk mencabar kedudukan Islam dalam perlembagaan. Apa sudah jadi: Orang PKR sendiri tentang dan mengakibatkan huru hara. Inilah buktinya "law" yang diselewengkan.Melompat parti memang akan dikaitkan dengan maruah sampai bila-bila kerana itu ada istilah "Katak Politik" atau Dr Jefrey Kata "Pembelot". Jadi Ambiaga seakan menerima bulat-bulat bahawa politik katak dan pembelot itu dijamin sah disegi undang-undang dengan mengenepikan isu moral dan norm. DSAI semasa dibebaskan tuduhan lewat 1, dipercayai oleh majoriti para hakim (rayuan) bahawa beliau sebenarnya telah melakukan liwat. Namun yg digunakan dalam sudut perundangan (sya tak pakar law)DSAI dibebaskan dari tuduhan liwat..Lebih baik Ambiaga lecture fasal ini..Sebab ramai yang keliru kini.Dia buat dulu menurut hakim-hakim.. saya yakin 110% DSAI tak akan jadi PM 16 September 2008 Husam Musapun cakap demikian. Seolah-olah Abiaga tak dapat tunggu MP itu lompat dan BN jatuh. Ambiaga biarlah hidup dengan ada pendirian.Berpura-pura memang tak adil dari segi moral walaupun barangkali berpura-pura itu sah di sisi undang-undang tapi tidak bermaruah. We are on ur side DARD..Just speak your mind..

  9. apa yg dikomen tak kluar. mcm NST & BH juga ke? nanti jumpa praya ke13.rakyat da muak dan MP KB kata kpd org Kulambai, org bajau tdk ada kasi menang dia. ngagad kau!

  10. abdul rahman sulaiman khan6:45 AM, September 13, 2008

    Datuk,akhirnya Theresa Kok dan beberapa orang lagi yang dikatakan mengeluarkan sesuatu isu yang mengancam keselamatan negara, telah di tahan dibawah ISA. Jika inilah tindakan kerajaan, kita serahkan kepada kebijaksanaan pihak berkuasa untuk menjalankan kerja mereka. Cuma kita kesal kerana beberapa orang UMNO yang juga turut bercakap berbau perkauman tidak turut di tangkap. Datuk Ahmad Ismail juga patut ditahan dibawah ISA. Khir Toyo juga perlu segara ditangkap dibawah ISa. Begitu juga dengan penulis dalam Utusan Malaysia yang memetik berkenaan isu azan di selangor dan penulis berita TV3 yang suka mengulas dan mengapi-api isu yang berbau perkauman...Selaku pemimpin UMNO, Datuk perlu menasihati bos-bos Datuk supaya berlaku adil bila bertindak..Ingat,di akhirat nanti kita tidak akan terlepas daripada apa yang kita buat di muka bumi ini.Ingat juga bahawa doa orang yang teraniaya sentiasa dimakbulkan Allah hatta mereka seorang kafir.

  11. Kadam KJ what are u afraid of?,if the BN MPs crossover you can bring the case to the court,u have the right to do so,if the MPs want to crossover that is their right to do so this is free country,we not a communist country.....or i might be wrong this is belong to UMNO ? n i know what u to say don't take away the people BN pls don't tell lie to rakyat before election BN promise will not increase the fuel....if the crossover success i hope to see u & ur supporter in the street of KB just tell me how much u want to give to join the protest if the price is good then i will join ur blue sea


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